About ABC'd Therapy & Consulting, LLC

ABC'd Therapy & Consulting, LLC was born out of a demand for services for mental health services for New Iowan families and communities, and a gap in agency and professional education around New Iowan needs, strengths, and experiences. ABC'd always uses best practice research and interventions that have had consistent success in whatever setting we are hired to work within. We collaborate heavily with agencies throughout the area and across Iowa, and prioritise the needs and goals that you identify.

All services ABC'd provides use a strengths-based approach to individuals and families, as well as communities, agencies, and professional organisations. ABC'd embeds Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards into all of their work, including into every training and program of which ABC'd is a part. These National Standards from the Department of Health and Human Services are a key Best Practice requirement for agencies who work with culturally and linguistically diverse populations.

As an agency, we believe that everyone has the basic building blocks to build quality skills and successful and effective supports into their work and their lives. We meet individuals and agencies where they are, then work to help simplify perspectives by breaking down specific skills and knowledge and focusing on the solid groundwork that already exists. As an agency, ABC'd supports individuals and agencies in efficiently and effectively thinking through the necessary one-by-one steps to meet their goals, and we trust each person and agency to be the experts on their lives and their work. Our passion, drive, expertise, and ongoing support will bring positive growth and change to your agency, your community, your home, and your own sense of self.

With 20 years of community education and mental health intervention experience, and staff who have lived on five continents and visited more than 70 countries, ABC'd is an agency that embeds CLAS standards into all of their work and trainings.