Agency Best Practices Services

Trainings available

All trainings can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of your agency. Length, cost, and topics are customised to ensure the most effective use of time and implementation of best practices.

Trauma Informed Care - what is it? what isn't it? how can you best apply it in your agency? Are you actually providing trauma informed care now?

Anti-racist workplaces - what is anti-racism? how can our agency become actively anti-racist? what does it entail? Thinking through what it means to be inclusive, including an exploration of agency values and systems of accountability.

Secondary Trauma - how can my agency reduce burnout and turnover in caregiver staff? what is secondary trauma and how can I support staff encountering it? what are concrete tools that can foster resilience in staff, consumers, and supervisors?

Trauma Informed Supervision - what role do supervisors play in reducing staff burnout and vicarious trauma? how can our agency best educate supervisors to reduce staff stress? how can trauma informed supervision improve our agency and our services?