Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried multiple therapists before and had little or no success. What makes you different?

At ABC'd Therapy & Consulting, we prioritise your own skills and experiences, and recognise that you are the expert on your life. We trust you to be successful, and find ways to move toward your goals, and we respect the goals you identify. We understand that therapy is not about you achieving what we tell you to achieve, but instead is about supporting you (and those in your life) through growth and change.

Do you see couples for relationship issues?


What age of children do you work with?

Alyssa has extensive experience working with children between the ages of 2 and 18. She is particularly skilled at working with pre-teens and adolescents.

How much do therapy services cost?

ABC'd takes most insurance plans, or provides self-pay options for all therapy services. Any copay is due at the time of the session, and can be paid by credit card or cash. Please contact Alyssa with additional questions.

How long is a therapy session?

Each session will run between 40 and 50 minutes. Initial assessments may be slightly shorter or longer, depending on need.

What if I want a longer therapy session?

Any session over 50 minutes must be covered by self-pay options. If you would like to set up longer session times for any reason, please speak with Alyssa about options that are available and costs associated with an increase in time.

If my child is your client, will you tell me everything that happens in therapy?

Every client is protected by federal HIPPA legislation, just like going to the doctor. This means that, while children are under 18, they are still provided confidential protections in therapy. This will be discussed in the initial assessment, and can be addressed with Alyssa directly at any time if you have additional questions or concerns.


Are interpretation services available for services?

Interpretation is provided for all mental health services, either by phone or in person.

Do I have to bring my own interpreter for mental health services?

No. The agency provides interpreters for clients receiving mental health services.

Do clients have to pay for interpreters?

For mental health services, interpreters are provided at no cost to the client. For community education, please contact Alyssa directly to discuss interpretation needs and costs.