Refugee Services

"When two cultures collide, a new culture is created. When two traditions intersect, innovation takes place."

Refugee and immigrant services centre around work both with refugee and immigrant communities, as well as agencies that work with these populations. Our goal, at all times, is to improve the experiences of refugees and immigrants in accessing health and mental health care, and increasing the number of practitioners, agencies, and professionals who feel comfortable and skilled in working with refugee and immigrant populations.

Mental health services provided:

  • Individual, family, and couple therapy for members of refugee and/or immigrant families.
  • Coordination of services with other area agencies
  • Group engagement and support services
  • Community building and education about health and mental health issues
  • Cultural brokering
  • Family conflict mediation
  • Practitioners with secondary trauma

Trainings and consultation:

  • Working successfully with refugee youth and families
  • Best practice techniques for improving relationships with refugees and immigrants
  • Social Work practice with refugees and immigrants
  • Practitioner consultation group (monthly meetings to increase support and conversation)
  • CALD book club